put the world-best load planning engine to your ERP/WMS/TMS/SAP


Calculation API

The Calculation API is for your application such as ERP/WMS/TMS/SAP to call the calculation engine existing in the CubeMaster Online servers remotely with Java, C#, PHP and Javascript. With using the service, your application can calculate a load plan automatically and save it to the cloud server which is returned back to your application.

Database API

You should use the manual works to add your cargoes and order dimension to the CubeMaster Online. The Database API allows your application to upload your data to CubeMaster Online automatically without the manual works. 

Archive API

Every load plan automatically created by the Calculation API or manually created by a user is saved to the load plan database. The Archive API enables your application to download the load plans automatically to your database.


Mainframe Integration with CubeMaster Web Service performed on year 2017 at Auburn Hills, Detroit

SAP Integration with CubeMaster Web Service performed on year 2016 at Singapore

SAP Integration with CubeMaster Web Services on Year 2015 at China. Answers the question how many parts can be loaded on a given truck or container by Supplier Net.

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