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What's New?

Web services and Web APIs released. A new technology for adding the load calculation of the CubeMaster capability to your ERP/WMS/OMS at the application level [Nov 14, 2018]
Mobile access released for your iPhone/iPad/Galaxy.  [May 30, 2013]
New languages German, Japanese(日本), Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese (中国) added. Change your language from the Language selection box under Sign in.  [Oct 8, 2017] 

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Create a truck, trailer, sea container and pallet load plan anytime, anywhere!

CubeMaster Online is a cloud solution for you to build optimal load plan for truck, trailer, sea container and pallet with teams working together in distributed areas. This collaboration features will present your logistics, engineering, marketing, management group and distribution centers with an easy, efficient way to share and control load planning and execution across various geographical areas.

Create and distribute the cargo load plan online.

Seamless Integration

CuCubeMaster Online was built using the latest in Enterprise Software Technology. It is available in a web-service or a stand-alone configurations. While CubeMaster Online provides a self-sufficient data model, integration with ERP/TMS/WMS can be done at an application level, using web service API. Three types of web service - Calculation, Database and Archive web service are available for your seamless integration of CubeMaster Online into your application. [See More...]

Why subscribe CubeMaster Online? - Easy and simple but powerfull!

Subscription to CubeMaster Online allows you to enjoy the most features of CubeMaster standalone software online with your internet browser such as Chorme, MSIE or Safari without installation any programs on your computers. Please check here hundreds people are using this amazing technology. Also please see a demo movie for understanding how a load plan is easily calculated just with a few clicks!

How to subscribe CubeMaster Online if I decided to invest this incredible system?

You have several options depending on your load requirements for calculating frequency and amount in a month. Please see the following diagram to understand the difference of the options and prices. Press [Learn More] button to see more information and pay with your credit cards online at a new page. If you want other payment plans for yearly or wire transfer payment, please ask  Dr. Andrew Chang!

Create and distribute the cargo load plan online.


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"Now total 8947 users are using this incredible system!"

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